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Zambhala Yoga Festival Goa

January 1st, 2014 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized

In December 2013, the first ever yoga festival in Goa was held at a wonderful location on the Northern beaches of Ashwem. It was a huge event with teachers from around the world offering classes, workshops, talks and demonstrations. There was something for everyone and it was interesting to see the different styles of yoga offered by the teachers…..even though some classes didn’t resemble yoga at all !!!

Unbelievably, we met with Aanika from Yogamasti from whom I buy most of my yoga wear. Aanika was at the festival offering her range of yoga clothing and other beautiful items …the colours blending perfectly with the blue sky and sea of sunny Goa. Aanika offers such good quality clothing and many of my students often ask as to where I buy my yoga clothing. So check out Annikas website at

So we are now at the beginning of 2014 and I hope that those who have not yet experienced the jewels that yoga has to offer, may be introduced to this Spiritual and life enhancing practice at some point this year. We must all spread the word so the teachings of yoga can touch everyone’s life and bring more peace and contentment to all.  Happy New Year and many Blessings. Om Shanti….Debbie.

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