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October 22nd, 2016 | Posted by admin in Uncategorized


Hello Friends and welcome !

I am regularly asked about my favourite music and mantra that I have collected over many years. So I have listed below some of my favourite artists/albums:

For bedside listening to help you sleep…..

Jennifer Berezan —-Returning, Praises For The World, In These Arms (All beautiful & haunting)


Daphne Tse—-Mata

The Sacred Chants of Devi—-Mother Divine , 108 sacred Names

Jai Jagdeesh—-The Expansive Spirit

Imee Ooi—-Om Mani Padme Hum ( The Eternal Buddhist Mantra)

Lex Van Someren—-The Gayatri Mantra


Deva Premal—-The Essence, Love Is Space, Songs For The Inner Lover, Mantra Love

Snatam Kaur —-Prem (Love), Ananda, Evening Prayer (Kirtan Sohila), Light Of The Naam

Lex Van Someren—-Guru Ram Das Mantras


Lucinda Drayton and Bliss…..A Hundred Thousand Angels, Bliss by Bliss, Through These Eyes, You

Sudha—-In Her Name, Sharanam

Mirabai Ceiba—-AHundred Blessings, Ocean

Hope you enjoy listening to this beautiful music as much as I do.

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